Case Study #2

This client wanted more engagement and impressions on their Facebook page that would drive potential customers to contact the company for a free quote, resulting in sales.

This case study is over a 3 month period.

The incredible growth in Facebook impressions for my client in only 3 months. Starting at 38,560, the impressions surged to a remarkable 242,963—an outstanding increase of 530.09%! 

Over a three-month period, there is a notable surge in their Facebook engagement metrics. Starting at 797 engagements, the numbers increased to an impressive 4,081—with a total increase of 412.05%!

These graphs illustrate the substantial rise in online visibility, showcasing the substantial impact of my strategies in driving exponential growth within just three months.

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Social Media Graphics

Please be aware that these numbers differ from client to client and numbers are not typical.


Invest in social media strategies that deliver tangible results. See how I helped this client achieve incredible growth—and let me do the same for you.

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