Case Study #1

This client wanted to improve his social media presence to not only increase website traffic but to have more travel bookings.

These results are during a one-month period.

An extraordinary surge in Facebook impressions within a month—a leap from 3,625 to an impressive 15,635, marking an incredible 307.59% increase!

These graphs illustrate the exceptional growth achieved, reflecting the impactful strategies deployed to elevate online presence. This case study showcases my ability to amplify reach and engagement in a short timeframe.

Month 1

Month 2

Social Media Graphics

Email / Newsletters

Please be aware that these numbers differ from client to client and numbers are not typical.


Imagine doubling your Facebook audience in a month. That's the reality I created for my client! A strategic blend of targeted campaigns and community engagement fueled this impressive 307.59% impression increase, propelling them to a prominent online presence.

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